Trini Kitty Kaos
Trini Kaos is strong but not tough. She hates being told no. She loves to say yes. She’s always in love. She likes scotch or whiskey, listens to fortune cookies, and collects books indiscriminately. She is a Trinidadian with a temper to match. Some call her pansexual. Some call her queer. She calls herself evenly odd. She feeds on sugar and wishful thinking. She lives in Canada where she works an earnest 24 hr job as a feminist migrant activist and sometimes does burlesque or spoken word on stage—kind of like a superhero with a secret identity. Only not super. Or secret. Chaos tends to be attached to her in a passionate affair.
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Racial Profiling and Trans People

It’s a disturbing reality that today people of color often cannot drive down the highway or walk down the street without fear of being stopped by police just because of the color of their skin. Trans people of color are especially at risk as their gender expression or identification may not fit what law enforcement officials expect. This often leads to law enforcement classifying Trans people of color as “suspicious” or outside of what they consider to be the norm”

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